Two-Year Ministry Training Course

A two-year accredited course in Bible handling and engaging with culture.
  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Second Year
 8:30 am – 12:30 pm


At the end of the course, if you have met all requirements and passed all the knowledge, practical and workplace modules, you will write an external exam, and if you pass this exam, you will receive an occupational certificate (NQF 5): Associate Religious Professional (Christian Religious Professional). This certificate is issued by the QCTO and not by JBC.



Click here for more information on the occupational certificate (NQF 5) Framework.

Ministry 1: Monday

Bible Overview

Tracing major themes through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and understanding how the Bible fits together.

Handling God’s Word

Learning and practicing key skills for understanding, interpreting, and applying God’s word to contemporary South Africa.

Books of the Bible

In depth study and analysis of individual books in the Old and New Testament.

Ministry 2: Tuesday

Handling God’s Word (Old Testament)

How to understand and teach Old Testament narrative.

Engaging with God’s World

Understanding how to use the Bible for worldview apologetics and ethical issues, including suffering, race, HIV/AIDS, African traditional religion, other religions, sexuality, marriage, science and issues surrounding the beginning and ending of life.

A Faith to Live By

Understanding and applying key topics in Systematic Theology including the Gospel, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity and the Bible.

Ministry 3: Wednesday

Handling God’s Word (New Testament)

How to understand and teach the letters, the gospels, Acts and Revelation.

Preaching Workshops

Learning and practicing how to communicate God’s word faithfully and effectively. Students will give regular talks or prepare Bible studies. Students will receive constructive feedback.

Christian Ministry and Leadership

Developing skills to be a leader of God’s people, including spiritual development, mission, and the practical & cultural aspects of ministry leadership skills.

Electives: Thursday (Choose one)

Conducting Services

Planning and running different kinds of church services.

Women Serving Christ

Women Serving Christ focuses on encouraging woman to know their place in God’s big story. Women will be equipped to handle the bible & be able to bring God’s Word to bear in a variety of settings.

Engaging with God’s World

Available at:
1032 Mbambisa Street
Johannesburg, Gauteng 1809 South Africa
Course Details

The 2-year course is only offered at our Auckland Park and Soweto Campuses.

Please note: The second year of this course is only offered at our Auckland Park Campus. This means if you select Soweto Campus you will need to travel to our Auckland Park Campus to complete the final year of this course.

Auckland Park Campus (Year 1 & 2)
Soweto Campus (Year 1 only, you will need to travel to Auckland Park for year 2)

Full Time:

  • 2024 – Monday to Thursday (Year 1)
  • 2025 – Monday to Thursday (Year 2)

Part Time:

  • 2024 – Monday & Tuesday (Year 1)
  • 2025 –Wednesday & Thursday (Year 1)
  • 2026 – Monday & Tuesday (Year 2)
  • 2027 – Wednesday & Thursday (Year 2)
Registration and Course Fees (Discounted)

Registration: R2000.00 (non-refundable and payable at registration).

Year 2: Additional cost for practical and workplace modules – R 2 000

EISA preparation – R2 100

Fee structure per morning

  • 1 Morning   –  R9000
  • 2 Mornings –  R11500
  • 3 Mornings –  R15500
  • 4 Mornings –  R17500


Awarding bursaries

  1. We can award students full fee bursaries for one or two years.
  2. We would like students to pay R2 000 registration for the first year, and R2 000 for practicals and workplace, and R2 100 for EISA preparation in the second year.
  3. The two-year bursary is contingent on them passing and completing their first year.
  4. If a student changes their days in the first year, there must be a discussion on the status of their bursary.



Bursary interviews are separate from course interviews.

Bursary interviews for one-year bursaries:

Soweto: Andries and Thuli

Auckland Park: John and Nollie

Alex Campus: Brighton and Helen


Confirmation letters

Confirmation of a place at college to study is written by the Registrar Charlene.

Confirmation of a fee’s bursary is written by Thuli in Soweto, and the Admin team for the rest of the campuses.


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