Soweto Evening Course

An evening course over two years in Bible handling and engaging with culture.
  Monday, Second Year
 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

The Soweto Evening courses, runs over two courses and aims to prepare students for teaching God’s Word in their churches and other settings.  It also qualifies a student to receive Continued Professional Development (CPD) points as set out below these points are recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Course Content
The evening course is split into two parts and the following modules are covered over the course of two-years.

Spiritual Formation

Exploring what constitutes true biblical spirituality & how to develop spiritual disciplines in order to grow in Godliness.

Handling God’s Word (New Testament)

How to understand and teach the letters, the gospels, Acts and Revelation.

Preaching Workshops

Learning and practicing how to communicate God’s word faithfully and effectively. Students will give regular talks or prepare Bible studies. Students will receive constructive feedback.

Christian Ministry and Leadership

Developing skills to be a leader of God’s people, including spiritual development, mission, and the practical & cultural aspects of ministry leadership skills.

Bible Overview

Tracing major themes through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and understanding how the Bible fits together.

Handling God’s Word (Old Testament)

How to understand and teach Old Testament narrative.

Available at:
1032 Mbambisa Street
Johannesburg, Gauteng 1809 South Africa
Course Details

Saturday Intensives:

There will be 4 Saturdays (1 per term) 8am – 2pm that you must attend as this forms part of the course curriculum.

  • Term 1 Intensive-18 March
  • Term 2 Intensive- 3 June
  • Term 3 Intensive -19 August
  • Term 4 Intensive-4 November
Registration and Course Fees (Discounted)
  • Registration: R1500.00 (non-refundable and payable at registration).
  • Part 1 (year one) – R9000.00
  • Part 2 (year two) – R9000.00
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